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“The Best Camera is the One That You Have With You”

Don’t have a high-end camera? Do you shoot with both your phone and your camera and struggle to find cohesiveness in your Instagram feed? These presets work just as well with phones as $3000 cameras, and can make images from both look like they were taken by the same person: you.


Built for real-life photography. People, places, kids, products. These presets don’t need epic city skylines or perfectly-lit golden hour beach photography to look good.

Perfect for Influencers, bloggers or anyone that just wants a beautiful, cohesive feed.





We hate having to export RAW images and sit at a computer to edit them. That’s why we created these presets to work great out-of-the-box with nearly any environment, any camera (phone, DSLR, Point & Shoot), and any subject. Drop one of the 7 Tynology presets on your photo and it just works with minimal tweaking. Works with both RAW or JPG standard images in Lightroom CC Desktop or the free Lightroom Mobile app.


Create a Cohesive Grid.

Bright, airy lights with fine-tuned colors are the perfect way to a beautiful, distinct grid of photos.
Use the slider below to see the difference just one tap makes!

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Do not wait to transform your feed today! There’s no computer needed, even to install these presets.

100% fully guaranteed to make your photos look spectacular or your money back.




These presets are for use in Lightroom (Mobile or Desktop) and come with simple step-by-step instructions on how to install and use them. Watch as your photos are transformed with one tap and your feed becomes bold, light and vibrant instantly.

We recommend Lightroom Mobile because it’s a free and versatile image editing app available for both iOS and Android devices.


Seven Bold & Unique Looks

That Work Together

Inspect the distinct but subtle differences between all of the presets by clicking on an image. Different images will react to each of the individual presets uniquely, but since they were designed to work together, you never have to worry about breaking your feed’s cohesiveness by switching between different presets.

Get a Free Edit!

Let us apply a preset to YOUR photo!

Interested in seeing how your everyday photos are transformed through these presets? Simply fill out this form. We’ll email you your edited photo back to you with a screen recording of the process & preset we used on your photo! The perfect try before you buy!


    Purchase Now!

    Do not wait to transform your feed today! 100% fully guaranteed to make your photos look spectacular or your money back.

    • Simple, easy to follow instructions included
    • Create a unique, bright and bold look to your photos
    • Make your feed cohesive no matter your subject matter
    • No tweaking needed! Apply with one tap using the free Lightroom Mobile app